Automatic Ice Injector Broccoli Pallet Icing
    Automatic Ice Injector Broccoli Pallet Icing

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    Ice Injector is remote control to inject ice into broccoli carton to keep broccoli fresh.

    Forklift driver can operate loading and unloading without getting off the forklift.



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Details description

Automatic Ice Injector

Broccoli Pallet Icing

Automatic Ice Injector is to stir ice and water to form ice water mixture, and then use the large flow of ice pump to quickly inject the ice water mixture into the carton with reserved holes. The ice stays and water flows away, and finally the ice completely fills the gap in the carton, so as to achieve the effect of rapid pre-cooling and preservation, and ensure the freshness of products during cold chain transportation and cold storage.

Compared with the traditional manual ice loading method, the automatic ice injector has higher efficiency, labor saving and high automation.

It is fast pre-cooling first, and then evenly filling with ice. The fresh-keeping effect of the processed products is better, especially suitable for the fresh-keeping of broccoli, sweet corn, radish and other agricultural products. Many large scale broccoli farms use this kind of equipment for fast ice injection.

Product advantages

1. Large processing capacity: it can handle more than 100 pallets per day.

2. Better preservation: compared with the traditional artificial ice adding process, the ice injector can take away most of the heat of the product during the ice injection process, play the role of pre-cooling, and then use ice to fill the gaps of the product, so the ice fresh effect is better.

3. Fast ice injection: filling up a pallet is about 10 ~ 15 minutes.

4. Automatic control: automatic door opening and closing, ice stirring, water adding, backwater, top pressing and pouring.

5. Inject ice evenly: pour ice water mixture with large flow, ice stays and water flows away, and ice fills the box space evenly.

6. Remote control: Using PLC control system, accurate control of ice injection, simple operation.

7. Sanitary and durable: main machine body is made of SUS304 stainless steel, clean, sanitary and durable.

8. Convenient loading and unloading: remote control operation, forklift driver can operate loading and unloading without getting off the forklift.

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Our advantage

Guarantee, technical support and failure claim procedures


a. All HUAXIAN ice systems delivered to customers are carefully examined and tested, with 72 hours trouble-free trial operation.

b. All HUAXIAN ice systems delivered are plug-in ready and well piped.

c. All HUAXIAN ice systems enjoy 12 MONTHS guarantee ever since B/L date.

Technical support

a. HUAXIAN provide full technical support and after equipment installation.

b. 7*24 hours phone assistance on technical support.

Failure Claim procedures

a. Detailed written failure description is required by fax or by mail, indicating the relevant equipment information and detailed description of failure.

b. Relevant pictures are required for failure confirmation.

c. HUAXIAN engineering and after-sales service team will check and form a diagnosis report.

d. Further trouble-shooting solutions will be offered to customers within 24 hours after receiving the written description and pictures.


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