Air Energy Heat Pump Dryer for Food
    Air Energy Heat Pump Dryer for Food

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    High quality dryer for vegetable, fruit, mushroom, herb, fish, seafood, nut, pickle foods



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Details description

Air Energy Heat Pump Dryer for Food

The working principle of air energy heat pump dryer is to use the inverse Canon principle. The refrigerant (mostly mixed refrigerant) is compressed by the compressor and becomes a high temperature and high pressure gas, and the gas temperature can reach 100-110 ℃.

Such high temperature gas enters the heat exchanger (condenser) through the pipeline (copper pipe), and then passes the fan to send the heat generated by the heat exchanger (condenser) to the drying room for heating and drying the material.

The moisture of the heated material in the drying room evaporates, and is discharged to the outside of the drying room by dehumidifier or dehumidifier, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.

Air heat pump drying is an ideal drying method for food, which is close to natural drying. The evaporation rate of moisture on the surface of the material is close to the migration rate of moisture from the inside to the surface. The color and quality of the dried goods are good.

What is the application range of heat pump dryer?

The heat pump dryer can be used to dry most foods below 80 ℃, such as mushrooms, fruits, preserved fruits, agaric, peanuts, melon seeds, dry goods, vegetables, rice, seeds, pepper, rice flour, noodles, flour, Yuzhu, bamboo shoots, red dates, betel nuts, Siraitia grosvenorii, fig, sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato, cassava powder, bacon, sausage, dried fish, dried shrimps . and other agricultural and sideline products, meat products, aquatic products, Chinese herbal medicine drying.


Our advantage

Huaxian produces vegetable vacuum cooler, cold storage room, hydro cooler, ice machine, freezing dryer,  air energy heat pump dryer, hot air circulation dryer, cold air dryer since 2008. 

In 2018, we focused on worldwide fresh care market and Dongguan Huaxian Ltd. was registered. In the same year, we were happy to open an office in USA. 

Huaxian is engaged in fresh care by refrigeration and providing best fresh care solutions on food, meat, seafood, fruit, begetable by HUAXIAN quality refrigeration equipment and sophisticated technology, so as to maximum prolong shelf life and keep original freshness to create beneficial market values. Presently, our main market is in China, America, Europe, South East Asia and Australia. Gradually more and more customers lay trust on us and choose us for cooperation.

Energy saving is our constant persue as it is related with customer's investment yield rate. Our design proposal is fully based on energy saving and consumption reducing.


a. All HUAXIAN ice systems delivered to customers are carefully examined and tested, with 72 hours trouble-free trial operation.

b. All HUAXIAN ice systems delivered are plug-in ready and well piped.

c. All HUAXIAN ice systems enjoy 12 MONTHS guarantee ever since B/L date.

Technical support 

a. HUAXIAN provide full technical support and after equipment installation.

b. 7*24 hours phone assistance on technical support.

Failure Claim procedures 

a. Detailed written failure description is required by fax or by mail, indicating the relevant equipment information and detailed description of failure.

b. Relevant pictures are required for failure confirmation.

c. HUAXIAN engineering and after-sales service team will check and form a diagnosis report.

d. Further trouble-shooting solutions will be offered to customers within 24 hours after receiving the written description and pictures.


Model selection

Customized size/capacity is available.

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