150kgs Matsutake Mushroom Vacuum Cooler
    150kgs Matsutake Mushroom Vacuum Cooler

    Product category:Vegetable Vacuum Cooler

    Processing capacity: 150kgs/batch

    Applicable product: Matsutake Mushroom / Pine Mushroom

    Door: Manual


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150kgs Matsutake Mushroom Vacuum Cooler

Mushroom vacuum pre cooler is a specialized refrigeration equipment for mushrooms. It can extend the shelf life of mushrooms by cooling them in a vacuum environment.

Matsutake mushroom vacuum pre cooler usually consists of a vacuum chamber, vacuum pump system, cooling device, and control system. During operation, the Matsutake mushrooms are placed in a vacuum chamber, and the vacuum pump system extracts air from the chamber, creating a vacuum environment. Next, the cooling device will rapidly reduce the temperature of the mushrooms and maintain it within the ideal temperature range. The control system can monitor and adjust the entire process to ensure that the cooling effect meets the requirements.

The advantage of a matsutake mushroom vacuum pre cooler is its fast cooling and maintaining the quality of the mushrooms. By cooling in a vacuum environment, the freshness of mushrooms can be effectively controlled, while reducing decay and microbial growth. In addition, the mushroom vacuum pre cooler can also reduce water loss and reduce the weight loss of mushrooms.

In summary, a matsutake mushroom vacuum pre cooler is a device that uses a vacuum environment to cool mushrooms and extend their shelf life. It provides a fast and effective cooling effect by combining a vacuum chamber, vacuum pump system, cooling device, and control system to maintain the quality and freshness of matsutake/pine mushrooms.


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