6 Pallet Vacuum Cooler (HXV-6P)
    6 Pallet Vacuum Cooler (HXV-6P)

    Product category:Vegetable Vacuum Cooler

    a. fast cooling to remove field heat;

    b. restrain hurt of fresh cut surface;

    c. 15~30mins to reach target market;

    d. very good profermance for leaf vegetable, mushroom, berries, flower.


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Details description

6 Pallet Universal Beam Berries Vacuum Cooler

Vacuum cooler is not cold storage equipment, but cooling processing equipment before product put into cold storage room or shelf. It is suitable for vegetable, fruit, fresh-cut flower.


a. Fast removing field heat and breath heat from product’s surface.

b. Lower the temperature from 30 to 0~15 in 15-30minutes.

c. Vacuum sterilization function to prevent cross contamination.

d. Average cooling from inside to outside of product.

e. Retain product’s original color, flavor, taste and shelf life.

f. Operation: high automation, high precision, safety and stable.


1) American technology and patented products;

2) Extremely fast cooling, the fastest 12 minutes to 4 degree centigrade;

3) The 2020 new model has sterilization function to ensure the cleanliness of the cabinet to the greatest extent;

4) Vacuum pump group helps to pump & lower temperature faster, save energy also;

5) The imported brand refrigeration accessories ensure the refrigeration effect;

6) The strengthening vacuum box allows forklift to enter at will;

7) Larger condenser to ensure the cooling effect in high temperature weather;

8) Meet the European Union CE and Canadian CSA quality certification standards;

9) Standard painting process to keep good appearance and corrosion resistance;

10) One button start, automatic processing, multiple operation modes, suitable for different application scenarios;

11) High efficiency water catcher, multi channel design, better water catching effect and faster cooling;

12) 18 months super long warranty.

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Branded Components

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Successful Cases

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Our advantage

Full galvanized special evaporator coil with higher heat exchanging efficiency and anti-corrosion performance;

High efficient condenser to guarantee fast cooling time and stable working performance in summer time;

One button start, automatic working, cooling, alarm and deflation; Easy operation and intelligence;

Fast after sale service in America area as branch company located in LA, USA with parts and technician;

Top quality components are being used, from leading suppliers including BITZER, DNAFOSS, LS, SCHNEIDER, AIRTAC, MINAMOTO AND LEYBOLD. For the compressor, we adopt BITZER brand from GERMANY.

System operation is by touch screen. Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian, Germany operation languages available for different customers. Manual normally is in English and Spanish.


The machine main body will be lacquered 3 times including 1 time red anti-corrosion painting and 2 times surface painting, last making up before loading.

The system will be produced according to the CE regulations. All components will be frame-mounted for easy installation and transport.

The finished machine will be commissioned well by us before leaving factory in China. Welcome inspection at factory and learn operation details and maintenance points.


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