Bread Vacuum Cooler HXF-500
    Bread Vacuum Cooler HXF-500

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    Vacuum cooler (suitable for rapid cooling of bread, rice, fast food, cooked food, soup, etc.)

    Huaxian cooked food vacuum cooler can cool down cooked food's temperature from 95 °C to 8°C  in 20~40mins according to different products.



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Bread Vacuum Cooler HXF-500

What is cooked food cooling?

Cooked food cooling is based on vacuum cooling, which strengthens high protection and easy cleaning. Make the fresh food equipment more effective bacteria control, equipment cleaning convenient, high protection level, prevent bacteria breeding, effectively extend the shelf life of products.

What is vacuum cooling?

Put the cooked food into a clean aseptic room, exhaust the air to form a vacuum, a small part of the moisture of the product itself begins to cook in the vacuum environment, this kind of cooking needs to consume a large amount of heat, the energy comes from the energy temperature of the food, and the food cools down after the energy consumption.

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How does vacuum cool?

Generally, cooked food contains a lot of water, which has a physical property: the boiling point of water will change according to the change of environmental pressure. Under a standard atmospheric pressure, the boiling point of water is 100 ℃, and the heat of evaporation is 2256kj / kg. When the pressure drops to 610pa, the boiling point of water is 0 ℃, and the heat of evaporation is 2500kj / kg;

It can be seen that the boiling point of water will decrease with the decrease of ambient pressure, and the heat taken away by water evaporation / boiling will increase with this process.

The cooked food vacuum cooler uses this physical property to put cooked high-temperature food into a vacuum chamber which is isolated from the outside world. By means of vacuum, the moisture in the food material evaporates and boils to absorb heat. Under the low pressure environment, the moisture in the food itself gasifies and changes phase rapidly. It does not need to contact with the external heat transfer medium, so as to realize the effect of "self cooling" of food.

How does cooked food vacuum cooler work?

Through the three-stage vacuum pumping form of water circulation pump, steam jet and high-efficiency heat exchanger, the cooked food vacuum cooler realizes a fast, high-efficiency and energy-saving vacuum system, which can quickly reach the vacuum state in the vacuum chamber with low energy, so that the heat in the food can be released in a short time, realizing the effect of energy saving and low consumption.

The importance of bacteria control

For example, between 41 ℃ and 46 ℃, the pathogenic spore producing anaerobes in meat products can rapidly reproduce and produce toxins.

However, the quality of fresh agricultural products, such as fruits and vegetables, begins to decline when they are picked, which can only be alleviated by timely cooling measures.

In order to cool food to a safe temperature range as soon as possible, the United States, Britain and Ireland have put forward strict regulations on the cooling time of food.

In particular, the cooling of cooked meat, one of the main diets in western countries, has put forward new regulations.

For example, the United States Department of agriculture (USDA) recommends that the cooling time of raw cooked meat from 54.4 ℃ to 4 ℃ be 300 min. For large pieces of cooked meat, the traditional methods such as air cooling, cold storage cooling and water cooling can not be realized at all.

Therefore, the fresh food cooler can achieve the effect of rapid cooling of fresh food, control of bacterial reproduction and extension of product shelf life.

Vacuum cooler (suitable for rapid cooling of bread, rice, fast food, cooked food, soup, etc.)

Huaxian cooked food vacuum cooler can cool down cooked food's temperature from 95 °C to 8°C  in 20~40mins according to different products.


Our advantage

Product advantages

u All stainless steel material to meet the high hygiene requirements of food.

u Energy-saving custom water trap, energy saving 40%, good cooling effect .

u Dual vacuum temperature control, no pollution, convenient operation.

u Vacuum pump never changes oil, easy to clean, no maintenance needed.

u Compact design, small footprint.

u All stainless steel, high-end beautiful.

u Multiple system protection and fault correction prompt function.

u The machine has passed various certifications, such as CE, CSA, BV, SGS, UL, etc.

u Optional remote monitoring function, real-time understanding of machine operating conditions.

u Soup anti-splash function.

u More friendly man-machine interface, intelligent functions, multi-purpose.


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