Heat Pump Drying Unit
    Heat Pump Drying Unit

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Details description

Heat Pump Drying Unit is independently developed as hot air drying system. Air as low level heat source is used to produce hot air. Compared with other hot air generating method, such unit have features of energy saving, high efficiency and environmental, etc.

Unit parts are special heat exchanger which is independently developed to make sure high efficiency and stable running. R417a and R134a refrigerant, mirco computer controlled to realize remote control & operation, no needing specil staff take care on it.

Heat Pump Drying Unit is suitable for wooden product, grain, seed, mushroom, traditional Chinese medicine, aquatic product, feed biology active product, drinks, textile, fruit & vegetables, paper, painting and flammable or explosive products.


Our advantage

u Energy saving and high efficiency                       

Running costs of heat pump drying unit is only 40% of fuel dryer, 60% of coal dryer and 30% of electric drying device.

u  Safe and environmental

Heat pump moisture removing drying unit is absolutely safe (electric separation technology), zero pollution and emission.

u Better drying performance

Never deform, break, discolor, spoil and oxidize. Completely dry and better reconstitution properties, less nutrition loss, longer storage time, able to more efficiently to protect product color, fragrant, taste, shape and ingredient.

u Constant temperature dying

Constant temperature dying to remove moisture, no need to exhaust waste gas, more efficient and environmental.


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