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What Is Flake Ice Machine
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Flake ice machine is a kind of ice machine. According to different water sources, it can be divided into fresh water flake ice machine, sea water flake ice machine and general industrial ice machine. 

Flake ice is a thin, dry, loose white ice with a thickness between 1.0 mm and 2.5 mm. The shape of the slices is irregular, and the diameter is about 12 to 45 mm. 

The ice flakes have no sharp edges and corners and will not stab frozen objects. It can enter the gap between the objects to be cooled, reduce heat exchange, maintain the temperature of ice, and has a good moisturizing effect. 

Flake ice has excellent cooling effect, has the characteristics of large cooling capacity and fast cooling speed, and is mainly used in various large-scale refrigeration facilities, food quick freezing, concrete cooling, etc.

Large contact area, rapid cooling

Due to its flat shape, thin ice has a larger surface area than other ice of the same weight. The larger the contact surface area, the better the cooling effect. For example, the minimum surface area of a ton of flake ice is 1579 square meters, while other types of ice (such as tube ice and granular ice) can only provide 395 to 1294 square meters, so the cooling efficiency of flake ice is 2 to 5 than tube ice and The grain ice is ten times higher.

Low production cost

The production cost of flake ice is very economical. Cooling water at 16°C to one ton of flakes of ice requires only about 85 kilowats electricity.

Excellent food insurance

The scales are ice dry, soft and have no sharp angles. It can protect packaged food during refrigeration and packaging. Its flat shape will minimize possible damage to refrigerated items.

Mix thoroughly

Due to the large surface area of thin ice, its heat exchange process is very fast, it can melt into water, take away heat and increase the humidity of the mixture.

Convenient storage and transportation

Due to the dry texture of flake ice, it is not easy to cause adhesion during low temperature storage and spiral transportation, so it is easier to store and transport.

1. The actual ice consumption varies with water temperature and ambient temperature.

2. The standard power supply is 3ph-380v / 50Hz power supply.

3. The water source is fresh water, ordinary tap water or groundwater can be used.

4. The machine should be placed indoors.

5. The type of ice in this machine is flake ice with thickness of 1.8-2.2mm.

⒍ standard working condition: ambient temperature 25 ℃, water temperature 18-20 ℃.

Classification of Flake Ice Machine

1. According to the daily volume of products:

a. large flake ice machine

b. medium flake ice machine

c. small flake ice machine

2. According to the nature of the water source, it can be classified as follows

a. Sea water flake ice machine

b. Fresh water flake ice machine

3. From whether the classification can be moved or not

a. Container type ice maker

b. Non containerized ice sheet

Daily production classification

1. Small: 0.5 to 3 tons

2. Medium:  5 tons to 20 tons

3. Large: 25 tons to 60 tons

Usage of Flake Ice

Flake ice is widely used in food processing, manufacturing, and concrete cooling.

Fishing: The sea ice machine can be directly installed on the fishing boat to make ice with sea water. Fishery is one of the most important application areas of ice machines in the world.

Aquatic product processing: Flake ice can reduce the temperature of the processing medium, clean water and aquatic products, prevent the growth of bacteria, and keep aquatic products fresh during processing.

Food processing: For example, in bread production, when stirring or adding cream twice, use ice flakes to cool quickly to prevent fermentation.

Poultry meat processing: Poultry and meat processing generates a lot of heat. Flake ice can be used to cool poultry meat and adjust the humidity of the product to improve quality.

Distribution and preservation of vegetables: Nowadays, in order to ensure the food safety of vegetables, fruits and meat, more and more physical methods are used to control the storage and transportation temperature of products. The flake ice has a rapid cooling effect and can create a low temperature and high humidity environment to ensure that the subject is not destroyed by bacteria.

Pharmaceutical industry: In many biosynthesis and chemical synthesis experiments, a large amount of ice must be added to control the reaction rate and maintain biological activity. Flake ice has become the most ideal cooling carrier in the industry due to its cleanness, cleanliness and fast cooling rate.

Concrete mixing: flake ice is directly used as the water source for concrete mixing, the proportion is as high as 80%. It can provide efficient and easy to control cooling effect. The concrete mixed at a constant temperature will not crack due to physical deformation caused by temperature, thus ensuring the quality and safety of the project. The ice cap concrete cooling system is widely used in high-quality large-scale projects such as large dams, high-grade highways, high-rise buildings and nuclear power plant construction projects

Chemical dyes:

With the rapid development of the chemical product processing industry, the market requirements for the quality and technology of chemical products continue to increase. Due to the physical properties of ice, the application of ice in the chemical industry is expanding. In the production and synthesis of azo-reactive pigments and dyes, diazotization, coupling and condensation are necessary synthetic processes. Due to the large amount of heat released during diazotization, coupling and condensation, the ideal reaction condition should be 0-5°C, so a large amount of heat must be added during the chemical reaction. Cool the ice to control the temperature to ensure product quality.

What Is Flake Ice Machine

What Is Flake Ice Machine

What Is Flake Ice Machine