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Can Cold Storage Use 220 V Power? Or 380 V?
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Can Cold Storage Use 220 V Power? Or 380 V?

Can Cold Storage Use 220 V Power? Or 380 V?

The issue of cold storage power consumption must be that every store will consider the problem when building a cold storage, especially the concern of small and medium-sized cold storage users. 

Regarding the electricity consumption of the cold storage, many of my friends may not be very clear about this aspect. Huaxian Fresh Care Co. will just talk about it, hoping to help everyone!

Cold storage is an industrial facility with relatively large power. In fact, under normal conditions, the power of cold storage requires 380V. Why use 380V power supply for cold storage? When we use high-power electrical appliances normally, we will find that when ordinary high-power electrical appliances use 220V power supply, problems such as electrical operation obstruction and voltage instability will occur. 

Even for ordinary high-power electrical appliances, let alone cold storage, if the voltage is unstable or power failure occurs when the cold storage uses a 220V power supply, then the cold storage loses its meaning. Therefore, Jinbang Refrigeration recommends: 380V power supply is required for cold storage.

Can the small cold storage use 220V power supply? 

In fact, if the cold storage is small in size and the unit power is not very large, 220V power supply can be used; at the same time, due to different regional regulations, the power supply in some areas is not allowed to be ultra-high, causing some users to be unable to provide 380V power supply, so 220V power supply requirements are used. It can also be modified according to specific circumstances.

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