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Details description

Dimension of block ice made by block ice machine is the biggest in ice products. Smaller contact area makes it is hard to melt. It can be crushed into different forms of ice block according to different requests. The block ice is widely used in fields of ice factory of ports and docks, aquatic product preservation, cooling, long-distance transport, foodstuff preservation, cooling in special field, ice engraving, edible ice and etc.


Brine water block ice machine is to use refrigerant to exchange heat with brine water to lower brine water temperature to around -20,then utilized lower temprature brine watr to exchange heat with water in ice moulds, so as to make ice. This is traditional and low costs method to make ice.


HUAXIAN direct cooled block ice machine is full set ice making equipment. Customer only need to provide water and power, machine can make ice when arrive at site. Machine save energy, low running costs, less space taken and low requriments on installation site, fast ice making and de-icing, good hygiene perforance. Block ice machine can be used in all industries needing ice for fresh preservation, cold storage and temperature control, etc.


Our advantage

Brine Water Block Ice Machine

a. Block ice size could be customized

b. Normally adopt SUS304 stainless steel, no rust and hygiene

c. Voltage over-load protector, automatically stop when lack of water or ice-full.

d. Automatic memory and recovery function if power cut or water break.

e. Safety operation, low risk and cost, and high output.

f. Multiple system protection, complete trouble shooting auxiliary system

g. Adopt top brand components to guarantee stable operation and low failure rate.

Direct Cooled Block Ice Machine

a. The whole system is modular designed, easy operation.

b. Save energy: only consume 60 kwh around to make one ton ice, traditional brine tank ice system consume 80 kwh around to make one ton ice.

c. Hygiene: direct-cooled block ice machines don’t need other heat exchanging medium, refrigerant directly evaporate to exchange heat, aluminum alloy ice mould material, ice can be edible if water is qualified.

d. Low running costs: easy operation and take much less space than traditional brine tank block ice machine. Hot freon to de-ice automatically and fastly to save power and labor.

e. stable and durable: adopt circulated hot gas ice harvest technology and direct expansion heat exchange technology to guarantee system stability. Evaporator material is aluminum alloy which is not rusted and reformed, no need to be changed. One time investment and lifetime utilization.

f. Fast de-icing speed: when water is freezed to be ice, refrigeration system heat reversely to release hot Freon come into evaporator to de-ice fastly. Ice after de-icing will drop onto ice conveyor device, no needing crane equipment.

g. Fast ice freezing time: for same size ice, direct cooled block ice machine will take 2~3 hours less than brine tank block ice machine.


Model selection

Brine Water Block Ice Machine

Standard working condition: ambient temp. is 25 Celsius, inlet water temp. is 18 Celsius, evaporative temp. is -22 Celsius and condensing temp. is 40 Celsius.

Direct Cooled Block Ice Machine

Direct cooling type block ice machine is new ice making technology researched in past few years, with high automation and stable performance. Compared with traditional brine tank ice making technology, it has so many advantages and become future trend in ice making industry.

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