Cool Air Dryer
    Cool Air Dryer

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Details description

The foods dried by the Cool Air Drier, not only can keep its original quality, but easy to pack, store and transport. This drier is suitable for sardin, sleeve fish and any other fishes.

The principle of the Cool Air Drier

The low temperature and low wet air is forced to cycle around the foods, so as to decrease the moisture from the foods and dry it at last.

Moisture of foods' surface goes away for continuous cycling of the low temperature and low wet air, and the saturated air was passed through the evaporator. The surface temperature of the evaporator decreases below zero temperature as the evaporating of refrigerant in evaporator. The air temperature decreases after the air had passed through the evaporator and the water inside it was separated out and discharged out from the water collector. The low temperature and low wet air goes into the condenser. For the hot gaseous refrigerant from the ompressorowing through the condenser, the air is heated and formed into dry air, then mixed with the saturated air and becomes low temperature and low wet air to cycle continually.


Our advantage

u   High efficiency, high accuracy, and complete automatic control.

u  High efficient dry system.

u  Using hot pump to reduce the charge of running greatly.

u  Auto-resetting after breaking the power.

u  Only one button is needed to control the complex processing operation.

u  Complete function. And it has several processing operation, it can be stipulated into four kinds as follows: Dry, Dry to cold storage, cold storage to dry and cold storage.


Model selection

Dry capacity: 64L/h

Power: 36.9Kw

Dry temperature: 12-28

Store temperature: 3

Overall dimension: 6000×6000×2800mm

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