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1Ton Flake Ice Machine Testing
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Successful Test 1 Ton Flake Ice Machine

Date: June 29th, 2021

Model: HXFI-1T

Capacity: 1ton/24hrs

Water Feeding: Fresh Water

Ice Flake Thickness: 1.5~2.2mm

Ice Flake Temperature: -5~-8 degree celsius

Quantity: 2 sets

Test Purpose:  Ice Capacity/24hrs,  Trouble Free Operation

Installation Country: Fish Market in USA

Test Result: Ice Capacity/24hrs--Reach;  Operation: Perfect Running

Huaxian Flake Ice Making Machine is made by famous brand components: USA COPELAND COMPRESSOR, DENMARK DANFOSS REFRIGERATION PARTS. 

Huaxian Ice Maker is high quality and easy maintenance. 


1. The stainless steel 304 ice scraper formed without weld. Even long-time scraping, the scraper keep still durability to guarantee ice making capacity and evaporator lifetime.

2. Wider interface area, better refrigeration effect. The efficiency is 2~5 times than tube ice and cube ice.

3. Production of flake ice is very economical, as only need 85kw to produce  16 degree celsicu water to one ton flake ice.

4.Flake ice is dry and soft without sharp angle, and could protect packaged food during course of cold storage package.

5. Because of its wide interface area and fast heat exchange, flake ice could melt to water rapidly and take away heat, also increase the moisture of mixture.

6.As the dry property, flake ice is hard to stick during low temperature storage or transport, so easy for storage and transport.

1Ton Flake Ice Machine Testing

1Ton Flake Ice Machine Testing

1Ton Flake Ice Machine Testing

1Ton Flake Ice Machine Testing