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Features of Flake Ice
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Wide interface area and fast refrigeration

In same weight condition, flake ice has widest interface area compared with any other shape ice as its plat feature. Wider interface area, better refrigeration effect. The efficiency is 2 to 5 times than tube ice and cube ice.

Features of Flake Ice

Cheap production cost

Production of flake ice is very economical, and only need 85 KWs to produce 16°C water to one ton flake ice.

Features of Flake Ice

Good effect on food preservation

Flake ice is dry and soft without sharp angle, and could protect packaged foods during course of cold storage package.

Features of Flake Ice

Commix thoroughly

Because of its wide interface area and fast heat exchange, flake ice could melt to water rapidly and take away heat, also increase the moisture of mixture.


Convenient storage and transport

As the dry property, flake ice is hard to stick during low temperature storage or transport, so easy for storage and transport.

Features of Flake Ice