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Mushroom processing plant
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1. Why should the mushrooms be pre-cooling?

  ● After picking mushrooms, it is easy to deteriorate, turn yellow, rot and lose the original ecological moisture, the market commercial value is greatly reduced, and fast cooling treatment should be carried out.

  ● The selling of mushrooms is the top priority. If you don't get a mushroom that cools down quickly, the color will definitely not get the desired effect. And the taste is greatly discounted.

  ● The newly harvested mushrooms carry a lot of heat, and life has not stopped. Mushroom flowers will lose their fascinating colors and age quickly if they are not quickly cooled within ten hours.


2. Vacuum cooler

The most effective way to cool mushrooms is vacuum cooler that is based on the characteristics of vacuum extraction to quickly remove the heat from the body to the outside of the mushroom, from the inside to the outside at a speed of 10~30 minutes to quickly cool down to the temperature required for freshness 2~3 degrees (adjustable). At this time, the mushroom as a whole is dormant and stops growing. Just like a sleeping beauty, the beautiful color and bright appearance are displayed in front of you, and this awakening process is preserving the extended freshness. 


3. Advantages of vacuum cooler

  ● Fast cooling speed (15~30 minutes pre-cooling to your desired temperature).

  ● Uniform cooling (the inside and outside of the mushroom body is consistent).

  ● The pre-cooled mushrooms are bright in color.

  ● Pre-cooled after packaging, as long as there are vent holes, you can pre-cool.

  ● Prolong the fresh-keeping period, use vacuum technology to cool down and reach the dormant state.

  ● Sterilization, most bacteria cannot survive under vacuum. The limit controls the infestation of bacteria on mushrooms.

  ● The pre-cooled mushrooms have a fresh and tender taste and beautiful appearance, which increases the product value.

Mushroom processing plant

Mushroom processing plant

Mushroom processing plant

Mushroom processing plant